A recent study by Columbia University showed 71% of teenagers felt that the biggest advantage of family dinners was catching up and bonding with family.  It is easy to see why family dinners are important as that is usually the only time the whole family sits together. The time spent sitting at a table together encourages everyone to talk and catch up over what others have been up to and promotes a feeling of closeness.

In addition to eating together at home, the importance of eating out with your family cannot be ignored. Here are three reasons why you should make regular restaurant visits with your family.

No Cleaning Up Required

Perhaps the best feeling after finishing a meal at a restaurant is to realize you have no dishes no do. This relief is welcomed most by parents, and especially mothers who bear the brunt of most household chores. Not having to wash the dishes, clean the table and put away the cutlery means they can relax during the meal and after. If dining out with family sounds appealing to you, we are sure that the idea of not enjoying a meal without any cleanup efforts involved must sound infinitely more exciting.


Most kids like to play it safe when it comes to food. Getting them to try new food often proves to be an uphill battle. Taking your kids out to eat encourages them to try new cuisines. Even if they just take a bite out of your food; it opens them up to a new experience.


Eating out serves as an ideal time to teach your younger kids crucial table manners while for older kids it can serve as a time to understand social skills such as the difference between being polite and rude to the staff. For example, using their phones while the waiter is taking their order or texting excessively while on the table.

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