If you have guests coming in for dinner or lunch, especially ones from out of town, you inevitably have to make the decision to entertain them at home or take them to a restaurant.

Both options have their pros and cons. It comes down to personal preference and who the guests are. In this post, we break down the benefits of eating in vs eating out to help you reach a decision.

Why Eat Out?

Welcome Change

If your guests are close relatives, chances are, they have spent many occasions in your house. Taking them out gives you and them a welcome change and a chance to bond and have a good time in another location. If you don’t know your guests too well, a restaurant is an appropriate setting without being intimate and personal.

Makes Your Guests Feel Special

Eating at home is a regular, everyday occurrence; however, dinners at restaurants are usually reserved for special occasions. Taking your guests out to eat, especially if it is at a fancy restaurant, shows your guests the effort you’ve put in and makes them feel valued.

Why Eat In?

Home-Made Taste

Most of us have had the misfortune of paying exorbitant amounts at a restaurant only to be served with disappointed food and service in return. Eating at home eliminates that risk. Additionally, restaurants sometimes care little about upholding high hygiene standards and retaining the food’s nutritional value.  Home-cooked food ensures that the food you serve your guest is prepared with care.

Relaxed Environment

Few things can beat a delicious home-cooked meal. Your home is the perfect setting for guests to relax and talk without being formal. If your guests are coming from another town, they may be tired and not prefer to dress up and head out.

If you are close with your guests and enjoy their company; eating at home will provide for a more relaxed experience.

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