Run A Tab or Cash Bar Setup

Bar Setup • 50.00
Cocktails (House) • 5.00
Cocktails (Call) • 6.00
Glass of Wine • 6.00 & Up
Bottle of Wine • 26.99
Beer Domestic • 4.00
Herb Infused Lemonade • 59.99
Herb Infused Lemonade Spiked with Tito's Vodka • 79.99
Sangria (Red or White) • 99.99
Fresh Fruit Punch Bowl Smoothie • 69.99
Fresh Fruit Punch Bowl Smoothie Spiked with Myers Rum • 89.99

Host Bar Setup

An open bar will be such that guests will be permitted to order from the bar without paying. The total cost is determined by the number of guests. Mixed drinks, House Wine and Beer.

Three Hour.....15.99 per person
Four Hour (Requires a purchase of extra time).....16.99 per person
Top Shelf Add.....3.00 per person